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 Lost Bets Lead To Fateful Meetings

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Ian Morovacova

Ian Morovacova

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Lost Bets Lead To Fateful Meetings Empty
PostSubject: Lost Bets Lead To Fateful Meetings   Lost Bets Lead To Fateful Meetings I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 9:06 pm

(Open, Femslash or het)

Ian ran a hand through her hair, then checked her watched. 8:30. Her blind date was a half hour late. Not a good first impression in her eyes.

Ian had list a bet to one if her best friends, Randy Orton. The bet was that she was to bang Mike Mizanin by the end of the week. If she lost, she had to go on a date with the man of Randy's choosing. If she won, she got the Viper into bed, which was quite hard these days. So here she was, at the restaurant where they were supposed to meet at 8.

She sighed, not noticing the person making their way over to the table, looking incredibly sorry.
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Lost Bets Lead To Fateful Meetings
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