Turnin' Me On is a wrestling roleplay site. Het, slash and femslash are all allowed. We welcome OCs, as well as celebrities.
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Shannon Moore
Shannon Moore

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PostSubject: REMEMBER YOUR OTHER CHARACTERS!!!!   Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:57 pm

Im just asking everyone to remember thier other threads with other characters. some threads aren't going anywhere because people aren't logging into their other OC's accounts. Like the rule's said we ask that you don't forget your other characters so this is just a reminder. I myself have threads on hold because of this and wanna address it before it gets outta hand. Please tell your friends about this site as well and that we have many characters open. Whether OC or Superstars.

Thanks so much guys! Keep up the posting and all you guys do!

Shannon Moore,Randy Orton,John Hennigan

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